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YOU be the Suspect!

Looking for a fun themed activity for your party or already have one in mind? Like to dress up in costumes and "ham it up"? Planning for a group of 50 or less? Try a Role Playing Murder Mystery where you and your guests become the suspects!

With our Role Playing Murder Mysteries each guest is assigned a character and given clues to reveal or conceal from the rest. The mysteries are lightly scripted and designed to encourage interaction. In the end, everyone guesses who-dun-it. If someone solves the crime, the murderer is found and the super sleuth gets a prize. If the murderer gets away with it, he or she gets the prize instead! Additionally, a prize is given to the best actor/actress in your group.

Our Role Playing Murder Mysteries are perfect for 15 - 50 guests and are great for such occasions as…

Corporate Team Building
Dinner Parties
Holiday Parties
Halloween Parties
Birthday Parties *** we even offer mystery parties for teens

We provide everything you need to host an action packed Role Playing Murder Mystery.


#1 Select a Role Playing Murder Mystery Scenario
We offer many choices for themes tailored to the unique interests of you and your guests.
#2 Coordinate with your event host.
Your event host will guide you through the pre-party details- creating your invitations, character assignments and other party ideas to enhance the fun.
#3 Relax and have fun.
Your event host will bring all the game supplies and host the night for you- facilitating the game by keeping track of party timing, clues and characters, and making sure everyone has a good time. Remember - one of you is the killer the rest of you need to find out who it was. Consider everyone a suspect and ask your questions thoroughly.



Popular Themes
HOMICIDE IN HOLLYWOOD- The Mystery (10-50 guests)
MERLOT IN THR FIRST DEGREE - A Wine Mystery (8-50 guests)
MURDER ON THE MONTENEGRO -A 007 Mystery (10-50 guests)
ZOMBIE TERRORS - A Zombie Murder Mystery (20 guests)
Decade Themes
THE SPEAKEASY SCANDAL - A Roaring 20's Mystery (8-50 guests)
DEATH BY DISCO – A 70's Mystery (10-40 guests)
THE MUSICAL MELTDOWN - An 80's Mystery (8-50 guests)
Holiday Themed Murder Mysteries
THE SPOOKUM HILLS - A Halloween Mystery (8-50 guests)
BAD SANTA - A Holiday Mystery (10-50 guests)
Teen Murder Mysteries
AMERICAN ICON – A Music Murder Mystery (10-50 guests)
HARRY POTTER And the Deadly Quidditch Caper (8-30 guests)


Additional Scenarios

If you have a specific theme in mind and if you don't see them above simply ask. We might already have it available, or we can develop customized scenarios for you for an additional fee.