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Frequently Asked Questions About Murder Mystery Dinners

General Questions

Q. Can you suggest a venue to host a Murder Mystery Dinner?
A. Yes, indeed. Here are some of our favorite venues…
Sanctuary at Admiral - www.sanctuaryatadmiral.com
Stimson Green Mansion - www.stimsongreen.com
Maggianno's Little Italy - www.maggianos.com
Seastar Restaurant Bellevue - www.seastarrestaurant.com

Q. What is the difference between "Shows" and "Role Paying" Murder Mysteries?
A. Murder Mystery "Shows" are performed by our cast of professional actors; the guests watch the action and try to solve the murder. "Shows" are recommended for groups of 30 or more guests. "Role Playing" Murder Mysteries are themed scenarios where guests interact in assigned characters in order to solve the murder. "Role Playing" shows are recommended for groups of 20 – 50.

Murder Mystery "Shows"

Q. How much time should I allow for a Murder Mystery show?
A. Murder Mystery Shows are paced out over the course of dinner service (buffet or plated). Shows typically last 2 to 2.5 hours.

Q. What is a typical time line for Murder Mystery shows?
A. During cocktail hour, our cast will mingle with your guests in character. Fifteen minutes before dinner is served, we ask guests to have a seat, explain how the Murder Mystery will work and play out the first scene. After the first course is served or all guests go through the buffet, we start our second scene. We alternate scenes with periods of mingling where guests can ask the characters questions about the murder. At dessert time, we pass out ballots that allow guests to guess the murderer and motive. We collect the ballots, play out the final scene, and lastly award a prize to the super sleuth(s) who guess the correct murderer and motive.

Q. Can we wait until the end of dinner to start the show?
A. It is unadvisable to wait until the end of dinner service to start the show. Guests will simply start to leave.

Q. What are the requirements for the Green Room?
A. The actors require a secure dressing area with no guest access but within close approximation to the performance room. This area is needed to change costumes, store personal belongings and props or hide when their character is "murdered". Restrooms are not an option as they are not a secure or an appropriate place for cast members to congregate. A Green Room can be a separate Conference Room, an office that will hold 5+ people at once, etc. If such rooms are not available, we can provide pipe and drape to make a temporary Green Room available at additional cost.

Q. Do we need to have a piano on-site for a Murder Mystery show?
A. A professional piano player is provided with your show. They will play background music in between scenes while actors are mingling and accompany actors in musical numbers. The pianist can also be available during cocktail hour before the Murder Mystery begins (depending on event length). Some venues have a piano on premises. If your venue does not have a piano, our pianist will provide one at no additional cost.

Q. I want to give out employee awards and have our manager speak – when is a good time for that?
A. The best time for awards and to have Head Honcho speak is before or after the show. Having those activities in the middle of the Murder Mystery slows down the show's momentum.

Role Playing Murder Mysteries

Q. After I choose a scenario, what info do I need to provide to my host?
A. We need the best approximation of your guest count for the party including how many women and men will be attending.

Q. What supplies are provided?
A. We provide everything you need to host your murder mystery event - player rules, costume suggestions, character information for each guest, name tags and awards plus a professional party host.

Q. What are the Detective host's duties?
A. The Detective Host will consult with you in the pre-planning steps of your party -assigning characters to your guests, costume ideas and offer suggestions to enhance the fun. The day of the event, your event host will bring all the game supplies, facilitate the game by keeping track of timing, clues and characters, and make sure everyone has a good time.

Q. Can I add extra characters to my Role Playing murder mystery party?
A. Yes, but please provide us 5 working days to add the extra character(s).

Q. What do I do if a guest cancels before the event?
A. No problem! In each scenario, there are "critical" and "non- critical" characters. Coordinate with your Detective Host and they will re-assign any "critical" roles.

Q. How long should the party last?
A. The more people you have the longer it will last. A party of 20 will last about an hour / a party of 50 can last up to three hours. Your Murder For Sale Detective Host is on-site to make sure to keep the party on track and on any required schedule.

Q. Can I -the person throwing the party - play in the mystery?
A. Of course the person throwing the party can play! You will have extra fun since the Murder for Sale Host is onsite to guide the night and has the solution to the murder!

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