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Casted Murder Mysteries - You Be the Detective!

Enjoy a unique experience at your next event with a casted murder mystery dinner show! Murder for Sale's dinner parties encourage guest interaction for the bold and the shy alike. Show off your inner Sherlock Holmes with our Casted Shows featuring professional actors where you get to be the detective!

What's it like to attend our murder mystery dinner events? Guests begin by enjoying dinner and surprised by a scuffle, a scream, and a body collapsing to the floor! The real fun begins when you and your guests become the detectives and solve the crime by gathering clues and interacting with the characters. Dinner ends with a spectacular confrontation as the murder is revealed with a prize to those who correctly figure out the killer!

All casted Seattle area murder mystery dinner shows include professional actors, a piano player for musical numbers and background music, as well as all props and costumes. Casted Shows are best suited for groups of 30 or more.

Choose Your Murder Mystery Theme

NEW! Death by Disco – A 70's Mystery

Welcome back to the days of polyester, platform shoes, feathered hair and disco balls. Studio 45 is the hottest club in town but all the house DJs are mysteriously going to the great "Boogie Wonderland" in the sky. But don't Freak Out! – Detective Kojak is on the case.

NEW! Yuletide Homicide

The annual office holiday party turns from tinsel to terror as someone begins giving the employees an extremely early retirement. Who is behind this deadly downsizing? Is it the big boss? A disgruntled co-worker? Or perhaps the mystery man dressed in red and white? Find out yourself when you participate in Yuletide Homicide.

Capone's Place

Chicago. The Roaring 20s. Rub elbows with gangsters and flappers in the notorious speakeasy owned by "Scarface" Al Capone. The jazz is hot and the gin is cool as Scarface eludes the Feds who are in hot pursuit. Things get tense then turn deadly at Capone's Place.

Diagnosis of Murder

Come negotiate the labyrinth of the human mind at the estate of the late Dr. Bertram Fisk. The eminent Professor of Psychology recently passed away under mysterious circumstances. You will act as the collective conscious as you drive the night's events that lead to Diagnosis: Murder!

Death Along the Delta

Upon hearing the tragic news of the death of his parents, Miles Chesterton went mad and was committed to Weeping Willows Sanitarium . Now cured, his welcome home party quickly goes south when guest start dying. It's The Carol Burnett Show meets Tennessee Williams in Death along the Delta.

Klondike Kapers – There's Death in Them Thar Hills

Relive the dark side of the Klondike Gold Rush Days. Murder and mayhem were never far from the gold nuggets panned out of the wild territory. Our hilarious cast will lead you on an adventure of gold fever, greed and revenge, but beware of those "red herrings" that take you down the path to fool’s gold.

NOTE: Upon request, for the month of December, all shows can be given a holiday theme.

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Tips/Requirements for Casted Show:
No Surprise – Murder mystery dinners
  NEVER EVER work when they are a surprise to the guests.
Show In One Room – Casted Shows
  Must be viewed by all guests at the same time.
Show Length
  Shows typically last 2 hours to 2.5 hours and are paced to play out over dinner service.
Green Room
  The actors require a secure dressing area with no guest access close to the performance room.